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Walleye Season Fast Approaching!

The Spring Walleye run in the Lake St. Clair River systems is about to explode with over 6 million Walleye coming into the watershed for their annual spawn!

The Walleye’s head up from the western basin of Lake Erie into the Detroit River system in March to find their spawning grounds and start the breeding process. This also occurs in the St. Clair river system with the Walleye coming from Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair. While the fish are in the river systems in March we sometimes are unable to fish it due to weather conditions.

April kicks off the start of our season and the bite can be a bit slower to start as water temperatures are cold still. However, this is the time when the big hens are caught in both river systems. At this time in the season we use the technique of vertical jigging and many times entice them with live bait to trigger them to bite. As the waters warm up through the month of April the bite continues to get better and better. We will continue to vertical jig during this time frame using plastics instead of live bait.

As the waters warm and the bite increases into May, we notice much higher catch rates with Walleye that are better sized for eating rather than trophies being caught. From the middle of May onward into June, the Walleye will still be actively biting. However, sometimes we have to utilize other techniques such as trolling with bait. The Walleye will then start to disperse back out into the lakes while some remain in the river systems. Once the Walleye are in the lakes, the best way to target them is trolling crank baits.

The spring Walleye fishing is second to none and considered to be  the best Walleye fishing that this country has to offer! The river systems become a feeding frenzy of fish as well as an abundance of fishermen allowing them to experience the time of their lives, creating lasting memories as well as coolers of Walleye to be enjoyed!

Let’s get back to fishing!

Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin

Amid the Covid-19 Virus…We will get through this!

We at Mr. Muskie wanted to reach out to all of our customers to let you know that during this time of crisis and uncertainty, the entire MM Crew wants all of you and your families to remain safe and healthy.

We urge everyone to take the necessary precautions to keep you and your families safe. For many of us, this results in major changes to our daily routines: working from home as well as home schooling our kids for the coming weeks.

We may be restricted from crowds, sporting events, work, etc. and having the normalcy of our daily lives changed could be looked at by some as a hassle or inconvenience.

We should look at this as a blessing and a gift to be able to have quality time with our families during times when we usually wouldn’t have this as an option.Taking time everyday to enjoy and appreciate the people we love and work so hard for in our daily grinds!
There are many ways to enjoy this opportunity and the Mr. Muskie family will be doing just that… Yes, we still have daily office work and have to finish getting the boats all cleaned, waxed and ready for another season. The point is that our lives will always be full of stuff that needs to be done.
However we are also making sure to spend time time outside playing, walking, fishing, etc. I believe that embracing this situation as a time to be closer with our families is the silver lining that shouldn’t be missed!

We wish the best for all of you and look forward to getting you out fishing this season.

Tight Lines,

August 2019

It’s Peak of the Season

Getting you up to speed with the Mr. Muskie Crew…

We are at the peak of the Muskie fishing and wanted to give everyone an update on the season. The Muskie fishing started off a bit slower due to the higher waters and colder temps – they weren’t in a snapping mood. However, the past month has been much better with some awesome days resulting in multiple Muskies boated, including real trophy classes and great fighters!
August 2019
We have had bonus fish and some great action of Pike, Walleye and some Massive Bass on our combo trips.
August 2019
Something must be in the water….

The Bass fishing has picked up a bit as well over the past month.The numbers have started to increase a bit and the quality has been great – with many over the 5-6 lb class. We also had the largest catch to date — just under the 7 lb mark and was 23″!
August 2019
August 2019
Fall Sturgeon season right around the corner…

We are getting ready to start our Sturgeon charters on Sept.1st and have been scouting a bit and will look forward to another epic season of battling these pre-historic monsters!
It’s hard to believe that there is only 2 months or so of the 2019 season but the best fishing is right now and should continue to be an awesome Fall of fishing for Muskie & Sturgeon. The quality of Muskie that we have been catching lately will bring some big and heavy Monsters this Fall.
Give us a call to get in on this hot fishing action and set up your trips before its too late.

Tight Lines,
Captain Kevin

July 2019

Catch Count and Temps Moving in the Right Direction! UP!

What weather challenges?!
We have finally had some nice summer weather and that has warmed the waters a bit. The higher water levels with the colder spring and all the constant rain has shown some challenging days during the start of the season. We have had much better action with the Muskie fishing in the past few weeks. We have caught both smaller and larger Muskies, which is a good sign that the population is in good shape.

July 2019

Bass and oh yeah, bonuses!…

We have also had some slower numbers of Bass during the spring but really nice quality with a 6 1/2 lb Bass as the largest Bass caught so far this season.
We have also had many bonus fish while fishing Muskies this season with many Pike, Bass and Walleye so it’s been a nice trend going and the action should continue to get better through the rest of the season.
We still have openings during the peak of the season so if you haven’t set up your trips yet, now is the time to do it.
July 2019
Tight Lines,
Captain Kevin

Summer 2019

Swinging Into Summer

Walleye season winds down…Gear up for Muskie and Bass!

Well, our Walleye season is winding down and we will be transitioning into our Muskie and Bass season this week.

This time of year, we have to take a look at the season and this Spring has been a challenge with the weather and colder temps but the Walleye sure didn’t mind as they were on the feed during their spawn again this year! We hit limits most all trips with some really nice fish caught. Made for many great meals for our clients who took advantage of this great fishing on the Detroit River.
Summer 2019

Bass on the hook…

The pre-season Bass has been very good this spring and not only have the numbers started to come back but the sizes have been very good as well.
Summer 2019

We haven’t noticed that many dead Muskie while fishing the river — a good sign for the condition of the Muskie population in the lake! It will be interesting to see how the higher water and cooler spring we’ve had will effect Muskies — but we look forward to hunting them down!

We still have availability during the season for our Bass, Muskie & Sturgeon Trips. Give us a call to set up your trips and get out there fishing!
Tight Lines,

Walleye Are Here!

We are into the 2019 season with another great start to the spring Walleye run in the Detroit River!

Over 10 million walleye are staged in the Western basin of Lake Erie, making their way up and through the Detroit River system for the spring spawn. There are Walleye spread out throughout the whole Detroit River System and the Big Hen’s are getting caught now!

We have had some tough days to start off weather-wise but the bite has been getting hotter by the day. We have been getting fish on both the Michigan and Canadian side of the river as the walleye are piling up and moving through.

This incredible fishing will only last another 6 weeks so don’t miss out on the best Walleye fishing in the country! Call us now to set up your trips!You can call us at 586.206.4172 or check us out on our newly redesigned website at
Information on our walleye charters can be found here. 

Tight Lines,
Capt. Kevin Backus

Ice is melting. Walleye are calling.

Live and Ready for 2019!

We at Mr. Muskie Charters have been busy since the start of the year preparing for the season opener, which is less than a few weeks out now.

Mr. Muskie Too underwent a major transformation and has been pretty much fully restored and made even better than Tiara had intended!

She had her entire bilge gutted, fiberglass repairs done throughout the boat, brand new motors and transmissions, strut Buesching’s, rudders & props, the list goes on and on with most everything being replaced and or fixed.

She also got rubbed out and waxed and a new graphics on her backside…

She looks and runs great and is ready for many more years of service!

Our Brand New Website…

We have also launched our brand new website,, which we are very excited about.

This state of the art website is very easy to use with all of the information you need at your finger tips! Make sure to take a look and send it to anyone who would enjoy the experience with us!

We are not raising our prices at this time but will have to do so in the near future to help absorb some of the continuous rising cost of the business. However we will not make any major increases as we want to keep it affordable for everyone.

We are running our pre-season specials through the end of March so take advantage of the savings while you can. Give us a call to set up all your 2019 trips, or, check out our website and book

Our Season will kick off with our Detroit River Walleye run the start of April as soon as the ice is out… and if last year was any indication of what this year will offer, hold on for one of the best seasons we may ever have!

We will also be offering our early Bass season in April as well on the Tiara’s out of Jefferson Beach Marina.

We look forward to getting out fishing the soft water again and hope to help make many memories for all our customers!


Tight Lines,

Capt. Kevin & Crew

Spring Season 2019

The best booking dates & deals of 2019!

The ice may be thick on Lake St. Clair but the season is just 57 days away.

Now is the best time to line up your reservations with our crew. We’re hearing that the weather gods may grant us a warm April…book now and you’ll be out on the water Catching Walleye’s on the Detroit River, in a matter of weeks!

The weekends are in big demand — reserve your dates now.

Pre-Season specials running now!

2018 Season Wrap-Up

The 2018 season comes to a close…

The 2018 fishing came to a close for us this November and things started to come to a manageable pace for us at Mr. Muskie Charters.

The boats are out of the water and the task lists on them have been started.

We have lots going on this off season with some big improvements to the boats, a new website launching the start of the new year, so look for our email on that soon.

However this is a good time to look back on the year and reflect to how blessed we are to have this fishery here in our back yard!

This year the spring Walleye season was the best that I have ever experienced in my lifetime! It was filled with awesome action and great fish with limit catches most every trip! We expect that this coming year will be another exceptional year for the spring Walleye run!

Bass catches — quality over quantity…

Bass this year was very interesting as we had many early season days with some good numbers of fish caught but as the season heated up and the Bass left their beds they were harder to target, the numbers declined but the quality was excellent!

Muskie Fishing this year was also puzzling as the numbers of fish on many days was off a bit as far as Muskie being caught but it seemed that we also had caught more pike and Walleye while Muskie fishing than in the past decade or more! The quality of the Muskies were very good this season with the majority of the Muskies being over the 40″ mark.

We still had an excellent season boast over 800 and around 20 over the 30 lb club and our biggest of the season was a 54″ 42# Monster!

Sturgeon this year followed suit with a slightly lower catch rate on the charters but the quality was out of this world!! We boated over 100 Sturgeon in the 2 month season that we fish it and over 50 of them were over the 60″ mark and some over the 70″ mark with our biggest ever at a whopping 74″!

Our Mr. Muskie Crew also swept the podium at the annual Sturgeon tournament this season, great job guys on proving that you really are the best in the industry!

We hope we see you next year…or, stop by and see us as show season starts soon.

Tight Lines,
Captain Kevin

Walleye Running & Bass Biting

Walleye Are Running!

We have been in the river fishing the Walleye since the start of April and let’s just say that the start of the month had some pretty nasty weather to start the season. We had to reschedule some of our trips as we didn’t want to punish you guys.

However the weather and fishing have made a nice turn around, while many of the big hens are spawned out already there are still some nice big fish being caught. The action as of late has been amazing with limits catch’s daily!

The action and the weather is only getting better and now is the time to get out and try some of the best Walleye fishing in the country!

The people at Sindbad’s have not forgotten how to cook these delicious fish either, so after you return and we clean your fish you should consider having them prepare some of them for you as they do a superb job!

We have our big boats in the water and are starting our Bass trips now. This early Bass season “catch & release” has some awesome action and has produced some very large smallies as well. These trips are great for people who want the “rod in hand” experience and is also great for kids!

We still have openings during the next month but as things heat up our availability will become limited. Give us a call and let’s get out there.