Walleye Season Fast Approaching!

The Spring Walleye run in the Lake St. Clair River systems is about to explode with over 6 million Walleye coming into the watershed for their annual spawn!

The Walleye’s head up from the western basin of Lake Erie into the Detroit River system in March to find their spawning grounds and start the breeding process. This also occurs in the St. Clair river system with the Walleye coming from Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair. While the fish are in the river systems in March we sometimes are unable to fish it due to weather conditions.

April kicks off the start of our season and the bite can be a bit slower to start as water temperatures are cold still. However, this is the time when the big hens are caught in both river systems. At this time in the season we use the technique of vertical jigging and many times entice them with live bait to trigger them to bite. As the waters warm up through the month of April the bite continues to get better and better. We will continue to vertical jig during this time frame using plastics instead of live bait.

As the waters warm and the bite increases into May, we notice much higher catch rates with Walleye that are better sized for eating rather than trophies being caught. From the middle of May onward into June, the Walleye will still be actively biting. However, sometimes we have to utilize other techniques such as trolling with bait. The Walleye will then start to disperse back out into the lakes while some remain in the river systems. Once the Walleye are in the lakes, the best way to target them is trolling crank baits.

The spring Walleye fishing is second to none and considered to be  the best Walleye fishing that this country has to offer! The river systems become a feeding frenzy of fish as well as an abundance of fishermen allowing them to experience the time of their lives, creating lasting memories as well as coolers of Walleye to be enjoyed!

Let’s get back to fishing!

Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin

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