What do charter captains do in the off season?

While some people think that charter captains sit back and count stacks of $100 bills in the winter, the reality is much different. We do the exact opposite, we invest those stacks of $100 bills back into our business which equates to tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance, equipment, and training. We end each season with a punch list of things that need to be repaired, and upgraded on all 3 of our boats, and we start on those the day the season ends. This year we upgraded the power in one of our boats which involved removing the engines, transmissions, shafts, props, etc. That however just opened up another can of worms, which it usually does! We cleaned, sanded, and repainted the bilges, we rubbed out and waxed all of the boats and varnished all the woodwork. We  also updated our septic & freshwater system. The list continues to go on and on.

While we were busy with all these repairs and upgrades, we also have to make the time to go through all our tackle, and respool all of our rods for all species with new line and leaders.

I wish the rumors were true that charter captains make money hand over fist enjoying their winters on a sandy beach spending their not so hard earned money on frozen drinks and entertainment.

We thought we would shed some light for those that feel this is the case. We pride ourselves on having the top charter service through and through, from our crew to our boats, to the equipment that is used by our clients. We feel that the hard work and effort we put in shows and makes a world of difference for us and our clients!

We look forward to the 2022 season with all of you!

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