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Captain Matt is the best!

Coming from Virginia and being spoiled on saltwater fishing, this was an amazing trip! Not only did we catch a bunch of fish, but Captain Matt was fantastic with my 10 year old nephew. He was patient and always willing to let Adrian help him, regardless of the task. He was knowledgeable about the river, and over all, a very genuine person. Very refreshing to have such a great guide! We will be back!!

Rebecca Panis

World Class Muskie Charter

If you fish Muskie, you don’t want to miss a trip with 3rd generation Mr. Muskie on world renowned Lake St. Clair. These guys know exactly what they are doing.
They get results. For 6 hours we had fish on the finder. And boated 5 Muskie (46, 43, 40, 37, 32)and 2 small jaws bass. I have been fishing over 65 years and I give this trip 5-stars.
(Norwood party 07-25-2020 a.m. 6 hours)


Catch of a Lifetime!

This was a great experience for the whole family, we got lucky and caught a bunch of fish my wife was exited to be able to take home a bass and a walleye!! Captain Kevin and captain Jeff were awesome! We will definitely come back, thank you for a memorable time!!


Awesome Trip!

Me and my group did a Muskie trip. The crew was as good as it gets. They worked as hard as I’ve ever seen any two people work to get us on fish. Fish were tight lipped but captain got us on a couple. Couldn’t have asked for a much better experience!

Eric DeJager

Crew Made the Sturgeon Experience Exceptional

Five of us went out on a cold rainy Sunday night and came home with a warm memory that will be with us the rest of our lives. To start, we caught a beautiful 28” golden channel catfish. I didn’t even know they existed in that color. Then came the monster. An hour and fifteen minutes of pure thrill, up came this magnificent 68” sturgeon into the boat. The crew, captain Keith and Jeff, were very accommodating. And even though our 4 hour time slot was up, they still wanted us to fish more, and so we did. Another beauty found it’s way onto the boat, about 61 inches. Sturgeon. We left at almost 10:30 last night when it should have ended around nine, but they wanted us to have a great night. And that we did! Thank you Mr. Muskie Charters!

Ed Mckenna
Collette Vacations

Trip of a Lifetime

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the charter this past Monday.

The fishing was excellent -we each caught and released a muskie in the 25-30 lb. class!

The crew was great-knowledgeable, energetic ( they hustled!)- and just cool to hang out with.

Paul ans CREW

Another Fun Charter with Mr Muskie

Yesterday was another fun day on Lake St Clair with Captain Keith. We were after muskies on a perfect afternoon with a storm front on its way. Keith found them hanging around bait piles. We landed 3 good muskies, a nice 30″ pike and a walleye. We had several other muskies hit the lures.
Anytime you have good chances to catch muskie and get a couple of bonus fish, it’s a good day on the water.

Keep up the good work guys.
Until next time, Fish On!


Fred M. Henegar

Captain Kevin,

What a great time that was had by one and all. This was the first fishing trip I got to take with my granddaughter Tiffany and it is one to be remembered. I thought I would share some of the pictures we took that day. I think we added up all the fish we caught and it was 92 give or take a couple, what a day.

Thanks again for a great day on the water and one special day in my memory bank. (Ben – 33, Tiffany – 32 and Fred – 27) I look forward to fishing with you again, maybe the next time for those toothy critters.

Allen and Randy

Captain Kevin and First Mate Keith,

Thank you for a terrific day of fishing. The two of us caught and released 10 Muskie ranging from 28 to over 42 inches. The trip exceeded all expectations because of your first-rate equipment and the knowledge/experience that you shared with us. We will definitely fish with you again.

Thank you again for the Muskie fishing trip of a lifetime.


Kevin, can’t tell you how much of a great time we had and what a class A operation and guys you have working for you!!

Top notch! Thanks again for everything and I will definitely come back and recommend your charter service!!


Capt. Kevin – Mitch and I had a great trip on Monday. Thanks for the fishing.

I thought you might like this picture from your “lure color consultant”.

Hope you have great fishing for the rest of the season.

Bruce B.

We just wanted to let you know Keith and Dan are a great crew. We have been on many charters and you can really tell who is trying to put you on fish and who is just giving you a boat ride. Those guys are devoted fisherman (they constantly checked baits, changed baits, explained techniques, etc.). We really appreciated their level of professionalism and effort. We are already talking about fishing again with Mr. Muskie Charters. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing some Muskie hits!

Tracy W.

I became a member on Tuesday with Capt. Keith and Dan.

I would highly recommend a trip with Mr. Muskie Charters, it was an awesome experience with a great, professional crew.


Sure enjoyed our trip with Capt. Keith.

See you next year.

Thanks again.


Thank you for the very nice time on Lake St Clair yesterday. We had a very enjoyable day fishing with you and Jeff. Thank you for helping my wife catch her first Muskie. I am certain she will be the hit of her golf, bridge, and lunch friends.

Thanks again.


Last night was the greatest fishing of my life! I am sure you have heard the unbelievable, record-breaking evening, and it was all true! 9 total Sturgeon measuring out to 555 total inches. Two were over 72 inches 2 had tags and 2 were 64 inches. It was a great evening and we had a great time. Thank you for another amazing fishing trip. Make sure Captain Keith sends me those photos. I have been known to tell a couple of fish stories, so I need those pictures for proof.

Until our next trip!