Amid the Covid-19 Virus…We will get through this!

We at Mr. Muskie wanted to reach out to all of our customers to let you know that during this time of crisis and uncertainty, the entire MM Crew wants all of you and your families to remain safe and healthy.

We urge everyone to take the necessary precautions to keep you and your families safe. For many of us, this results in major changes to our daily routines: working from home as well as home schooling our kids for the coming weeks.

We may be restricted from crowds, sporting events, work, etc. and having the normalcy of our daily lives changed could be looked at by some as a hassle or inconvenience.

We should look at this as a blessing and a gift to be able to have quality time with our families during times when we usually wouldn’t have this as an option.Taking time everyday to enjoy and appreciate the people we love and work so hard for in our daily grinds!
There are many ways to enjoy this opportunity and the Mr. Muskie family will be doing just that… Yes, we still have daily office work and have to finish getting the boats all cleaned, waxed and ready for another season. The point is that our lives will always be full of stuff that needs to be done.
However we are also making sure to spend time time outside playing, walking, fishing, etc. I believe that embracing this situation as a time to be closer with our families is the silver lining that shouldn’t be missed!

We wish the best for all of you and look forward to getting you out fishing this season.

Tight Lines,