Master Angler Awards

The year 2008 marked the 35th ‘birthday’ of Michigan’s highly successful Master Angler Program. Launched in 1973 to better recognize anglers who catch unusually large fish, the Master Angler program began with just 19 species of fish eligible to win distinctive Master Angler shoulder patches. Today, more than a quarter-century later, that program has expanded to include 52 various species for which anglers may compete for honors. The list of catches eligible for recognition ranges from such seldom-caught species as the American eel and northern hogsucker to the commonly sought yellow perch and walleye. In addition to the shoulder patch, anyone entering a new state record fish receives a certificate of recognition upon verification of his or her catch by a DNR Fisheries Biologist. At the end of each calendar year, certificates are also awarded to anglers entering the top five fish in each category.

Not only does the Master Angler Program help promote fishing as a popular sport in Michigan and boost the DNR’s image with the angling public, it also provides Fisheries Division with valuable information on where the big fish in our state can be found, when is the best time to fish is and what’s the most successful fishing method and bait. In addition, it has aided in the maintenance of a complete listing of state record fish. Of the various categories of fish recognized as state records, the lion’s share of those records have been established since the Master Angler Program’s inception in the early ’70s.

Thanks to the Master Angler program, now not only does Michigan serve as an angling mecca for the dedicated angler, people come from across the globe to fish in our state and try to win themselves an award demonstrating to the world that they are, indeed, a Master Angler.

To enter the Master Angler program, click here for the Application form. Print the application and follow the instructions for completion and submission of this form.

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