2018 Season Wrap-Up

The 2018 season comes to a close…

The 2018 fishing came to a close for us this November and things started to come to a manageable pace for us at Mr. Muskie Charters.

The boats are out of the water and the task lists on them have been started.

We have lots going on this off season with some big improvements to the boats, a new website launching the start of the new year, so look for our email on that soon.

However this is a good time to look back on the year and reflect to how blessed we are to have this fishery here in our back yard!

This year the spring Walleye season was the best that I have ever experienced in my lifetime! It was filled with awesome action and great fish with limit catches most every trip! We expect that this coming year will be another exceptional year for the spring Walleye run!

Bass catches — quality over quantity…

Bass this year was very interesting as we had many early season days with some good numbers of fish caught but as the season heated up and the Bass left their beds they were harder to target, the numbers declined but the quality was excellent!

Muskie Fishing this year was also puzzling as the numbers of fish on many days was off a bit as far as Muskie being caught but it seemed that we also had caught more pike and Walleye while Muskie fishing than in the past decade or more! The quality of the Muskies were very good this season with the majority of the Muskies being over the 40″ mark.

We still had an excellent season boast over 800 and around 20 over the 30 lb club and our biggest of the season was a 54″ 42# Monster!

Sturgeon this year followed suit with a slightly lower catch rate on the charters but the quality was out of this world!! We boated over 100 Sturgeon in the 2 month season that we fish it and over 50 of them were over the 60″ mark and some over the 70″ mark with our biggest ever at a whopping 74″!

Our Mr. Muskie Crew also swept the podium at the annual Sturgeon tournament this season, great job guys on proving that you really are the best in the industry!

We hope we see you next year…or, stop by and see us as show season starts soon.

Tight Lines,
Captain Kevin

Walleye Running & Bass Biting

Walleye Are Running!

We have been in the river fishing the Walleye since the start of April and let’s just say that the start of the month had some pretty nasty weather to start the season. We had to reschedule some of our trips as we didn’t want to punish you guys.

However the weather and fishing have made a nice turn around, while many of the big hens are spawned out already there are still some nice big fish being caught. The action as of late has been amazing with limits catch’s daily!

The action and the weather is only getting better and now is the time to get out and try some of the best Walleye fishing in the country!

The people at Sindbad’s have not forgotten how to cook these delicious fish either, so after you return and we clean your fish you should consider having them prepare some of them for you as they do a superb job!

We have our big boats in the water and are starting our Bass trips now. This early Bass season “catch & release” has some awesome action and has produced some very large smallies as well. These trips are great for people who want the “rod in hand” experience and is also great for kids!

We still have openings during the next month but as things heat up our availability will become limited. Give us a call and let’s get out there.

Fall 2017 Message from Capt. Kevin

Well now that the boats are tucked away in their warm nesting places for the winter we can start to make our task lists for the off season as well as take some time to reflect upon this past season!

The 2017 Season kicked off with an early start due to warmer temps and we were fishing the Detroit River for Walleye by the 1st of April. This year was another absolutely awesome year for action as there were so many days with incredible catch rates of over 100 Walleye, and most every charter limiting out!

We moved right into the early season for Small mouth Bass and they were up on their beds spawning, which made for some great action of dozens of Bass caught per trip and averaging 2-4 lbs. While some days in the mid-late in the Bass season we noticed lower catch rates we did see some awesome quality with many Small Mouth Bass over the 5-6 lb. class!

Muskie season this year seemed to start out much slower than previous years in the recent past. Whether that is in part to another dose of VHS virus hitting the Muskie’s or a unfavorable winter die-off, either way we had to work to achieve the success we had, which was still very well, considering. While we were wondering when we would see our consistent numbers as well as quality, not long into mid summer did we see it for our own eyes.
We had a lower average of boated Muskies this year but only 2 days where they got shut out, which was great for last seasons 250+ trips. We managed to boat well over 800 Muskie for the 2017 season and the largest was 34 lbs.

As the Fall wanted to get started we transitioned into our Sturgeon charters by catching the largest Sturgeon on the lake while Muskie fishing, a whopping 75” and 33” around, weighing in at over 150 lbs.! This is what lead to having good success right from the first trip out. It wasn’t all great however with there being some odd weather and tough fishing but man some great nights of both action, which we broke our record of most Sturgeon boated in one trip 9 for 11!!! All in all we boated over 80 Sturgeon during our run at it with 5 over 70”!

We are grateful for a very successful season and owe it to you, all of our loyal customers!

We hope you enjoyed your holidays with family and friends and look forward to fishing again together this coming 2018 season, which we have already started booking.