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Mr. Muskie Charters is the premiere & top rated Charter fishing service on Lake St. Clair & located in Southeast Michigan near Detroit. We specialize in Muskie/Musky and also offer charters for Bass fishing, Walleye fishing, Sturgeon fishing and Perch fishing! We also offer Sunset Cruises for those who don't fish. Our services run from April 1st through November 1st. Come experience the thrill of fishing on the best fresh water lake on the planet!

The Best Muskie Charters on Lake St. Clair Detroit Michigan

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MUCC Video | Sturgeon Fishing on Lake St. Clair

Action Jackson

Bass Action with Mr. Muskie Charters

Dashing Double Header

From Maui For Muskies with Mr. Muskie Charters

Mr. Muskie Charters Visitors all the Way from Korea

Early Season Catch and Release Bass with Mr. Muskie Charters

Wisconsin Believer fishing with Mr. Muskie Charters

Double trouble & double net job fishing Muskie aboard Mr. Muskie Charters!

Retiree new Muskie fishing hobby starts with this trophy Muskie!

Jammin Joe boats his trophy Muskie on Lake St. Clair!

Hottie handles herself well with this Monster Muskie!

Military man battles fish aboard Mr. Muskie Charters!

Macomb Co. man meets Muskie on Lake St. Clair!

Bachelor party Muskie

Tube tangles with a monster small mouth Bass

Sturgeon Strikes with Mr. Muskie Charters!

Lightning and Muskies

Phil joins the club with his trophy catch!

Feeling the Bass

Birthday wish granted!

Double Header Delight!

A Bakers Dozen Boated Muskies!

A True Trophy Muskie Caught & Released!

The Judgment is in... It's a trophy Muskie!

Beginners luck proved with Dillon's Mammoth Muskie with Mr. Muskie Charters

Gabe's 1st Muskie Adventure

Triple header Bass Action!

Betsy's first Muskie!

Great Day of Muskie Fishing!

Lost my Trophy Muskie at the back of the boat...Twice!

Double Header Duo...

"Lady Luck" strikes again!!

Not quite like casting but Muskie trolling works great!

Hey Calazone It's a Muskie...

3 Muskie virgins get christened on Lake St. Clair with a Trophy Muskie!

No Giggling about this Trophy Muskie...

"Spike" picks a battle with a big
Muskie on Lake St. Clair

A Birthday Wish Comes True
With A Monster Muskie Boated!

Family Trip A Huge Success!

Sarah's 1st Muskie a true trophy!!

"Big Boy" Russ vs. Big boy Muskie...

Boy vs. Monster Bass on Lake St. Clair

Father shows son how catching
small mouth bass is done

Bass fishing on Lake St. Clair

Swim Whizz Still Works!

Catching a Monster Muskie on Lake St. Clair!

2nd trophy fish in the same trip!!!

Let em Go and Let them Grow!!!

Mr. Muskie Charters 50in 30lbs Muskie

Muskie Charter Trip 7/21/08

Mr. Muskie Charters Part 1

Mr. Muskie Charters Part 2

Mr. Muskie Charters Part 3

Mr. Muskie Charters Part 4

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