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Mr. Muskie Charters is the premiere & top rated Charter fishing service on Lake St. Clair & located in Southeast Michigan near Detroit. We specialize in Muskie/Musky and also offer charters for Bass fishing, Walleye fishing, Sturgeon fishing and Perch fishing! We also offer Sunset Cruises for those who don't fish. Our services run from April 1st through November 1st. Come experience the thrill of fishing on the best fresh water lake on the planet!

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Captain Keith

Captain Keith has lived near Lake St. Clair his whole life, being introduced to the art of fishing at a very young age by his grandfather. Over the years, his love for fishing his transitioned from an addiction into a career.

Captain KeithCaptain Keith fishes for most all species found in Lake St. Clair as well as the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers. He has spent over 15 years fishing and has worked in a professional fishing status for the past 8 years at Mr. Muskie Charters. Captain Keith has refined his fishing skills catching fish as well as learning their seasonal movements. He learned his knowledge of Muskie fishing from Captain Kevin and uses the same proven methods of catching Muskies that Homer LeBlanc developed. He is an innovator in his thinking and methods used to catch different species of fish and has proven himself as a great fisherman as well as a professional. Captain Keith will still be mating on ”Mr. Muskie Too” as well as captaining our second boat!

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